Life On Earth: Severance

Director: Angelo Salamanca

Key Cast: Emma Burnside, Keiran King

Production Company: Wee Arthur Films


Betrayal is infectious…

After a new found alien virus finds its way to earth via meteor, Billie, a virologist at the top of her game, is given the ultimate challenge of finding a cure before time and recourses run out.

With only human trials standing in her way of finding a cure, she faces constant rejection. Attune to her growing frustrations, Adam injects himself with the virus, granting Billie her first human trial.

The couple flee to a remote makeshift laboratory, hiding from authorities and minimising risk of spreading the infection. Meticulously, Billie monitors Adam’s condition, keeping video diaries of the test results.

As Adams’s condition worsens, the couple find themselves navigating through fear, paranoia, betrayal and grief; grappling with mounting trepidation that forces them into a world of turmoil with intensifying suspicion of what or who should be trusted.


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